Wednesday, 30 September 2009

village life

Fascinating private house previously home to Russian scholar and collector Alexander Kardo Sessoeff who bought speculatively and relentlessly researched and authenticated.
His descendant Francesca Findlater, picked up on his unresolved life's work, and it inspired her to do more.
At a private view ( you can contact the link above and arrange your own ) we were priviledged to feel this amazing space, its unique character and personality.
The artist Peter Harris has responded to questions of authenticity in the Portsea place collection, including a 'Collaboration with Four Dead Artists' which is a film with Harris and a clairvoyant and the resultant works they 'asked' him to paint.
We hear that recently Jemma Redgrave and Diana Quick took part in a reading of Checkov's 'Three Sisters', I understand perfectly as I wander through the
house, with its dramatic Russian portraits, proper historic bohemian blend of love and irreverence and deep thoughtful colour.
For myself, as I was directed by a German mentor who taught me that Checkov was to be played as a comedy.
Which makes perfect sense.
The deeply seeming melancholia of the Russian states is aestheticly tortuous and knows it.
This house, shows it, in a richly bohemian, appreciative and roguely collectors eye.
Go see it.

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