Sunday, 22 November 2009

Antony Price- a man out of time

Anyone around my age who is into fashion and music will instantly remember the impact Antony Price had on both scores.
Styling Lou Reed's legendary 'transformer' album cover, and sewn literally into the seams of the look of Roxy music- Bryan Ferry, the band, the covers- and of course Jerry Hall;  Antony Price has stamped his vision firmly on fashion history.
Fusing Fashion and Music decades before this one- his skills of design, tailoring, and corsetry alongside his styling vision distill into one word GLAMOUR.
The BFC awarded him this title in 1990, and this years fashion awards have filmed his 'Ballet dress' as one of the show-stopping pieces of the last 25 years.
He quite literally 'builds' dresses. The hour-glass shape of one of his dresses is exactly what the wearer will have.
For those who get up close and personal to one of these masterpieces will find that the dress is almost as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, with its hidden corstery often zipped up first before the outer lace overlay.
Galliano, McQueen and Mouret are among designers who have referenced him in their collections.
His inexhaustible eye for detail has made his limited edition ready to wear line that Weardowney are thrilled to be stocking- as currently on-trend as ever.
The Valkyrie has little rounded shoulder pads that hint at vampish cartoon, but beautifully, exquisitely cut, and not a millimetre out of place.
The Tigress ( black silk net over gold lame, only five made to date ) Sabrina, and the Ballet dress, are pure investment pieces.
As spoken by one of our customers this week in her early thirties-
"I will still be wearing this dress in my fifties", and she will look just as good in it!
Antony Price is a British Fashion National Treasure, his recent Topman ranges selling out as they hit the rails.

We're going to be photographing some of the original Antony Price Women, and some new wearers in a then and now theme for this blog, but in the mean-time check out a sneaky peek of our Amy scrubbed up in these frocks!

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