Thursday, 24 September 2009

Rarified birds- Namallee Bolle- in black and white

"We can all do this together."

Namallee's facebook mantra epitomises the soul of this impressive young style icon. Innately progressive and diverse in her work medium- she declares " I do what I do, because I have to ".

This rarified bird of the 'style icon' series is a rainbow warrior of colour, here we picture her in black and white.
Chanteuse, Magasine co-founder, official muse to the wonderful Basso and Brooke, and along with Henry Conway, Miss Bolle is firmly stitched into the Weardowney aeshetic also.
Co-founder of SuperSuper magasine with a fashion heart, she styles, she writes, does her fair share of performance art and as we are about to become more publicly aware with the release of her upcoming music recorded with Rat Scabies ( The Damned )- she sings...

I was priviledged to have been involved with Nam at the very beginning of her love affair with singing.
It was
february 2005, and Weardowney's third collection.
Nam was styling as usual, and told me how she wanted to sing.
She'd hooked up with Cli
fford Slapper for a few lessons and declared her passion to perform. We suggested she sing at our show.

Which she did, and 5 years later I caught her recent performance as the face of Reebok 'freestyle' trainers, where a polished yet refreshingly still raw Nam, performed 4 tight tracks, dressed in Pam Hogg catsuit, Reebok 'freestyle' trainers, and an attitude of perfect progression.
Namallee is brave. She's brave enough to be 'work in progress' which as creatives we all should aspire to.
This lady is an original.
She beats to her own progressive drum, an original style icon for her generation.

Check her out with the link below as she fronts weseven-

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