Friday, 12 June 2009

Festival Fashion- Isle of Wight 2009

The dedicated follower of festival fashion can expect to see Hats and Wellies as the order of the day. Adorn a hat, some sunglasses and the deed is done!

Recession proof- music, style and fashion always find a way.

The Prodigy arrived with a flourescent entourage, Meg Matthews drove her friends sporting a red trilby and shades.

Though Sunny, wellies were worn for travel and with a changeable weather forecast, sense and sensibilities had it covered from all angles.

Weardowney's getUp boutique is sporting 'Wedge Wellies' fo those looking  for a little height 

 from the ground!
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Patti Smith

" I've realised whilst looking for the perfect set, that I already had it- it was a long time ago, and I missed it..."

Watching this legendary lady perform to a small audience in Tennyson's former residence on the Isle of Wight, as vibrantly relevant and in the moment as is characteristic of her whole career;
I was struck anew by her absolute artistic integrity.
Patti Smith embodies complete channelling of her art through the inimitable persona that she is.
Humbled by the setting she was performing in, she charmed and entranced the audience.
Using only three or four chords, ( "I can't tune a guitar- I usually have a fella to do that" ) she
sang and read poetry- her's and fittingly Tennysons.
At one point, she picked up a volume that she hadn't planned on reading from- and it fell open on a page- she said-
"I'm superstitious, the book opened at this page which is 'In memorium' so I'm gonna read it"
It provided a fitting eulogy for the news earlier on that day that her agents father had died, and he had to return to London, commenting that he could not think of a more beautiful place in which to have heard such sad news.
Dressed in a poetic bard-like style- of a delicate white shirt with the cuffs protruding from her black oversized jacket over jeans, hair tumbling over her face- her first-glance androgyny is actually very strongly feminine.
The finale of a set that felt timeless was an invitation to sing along with Patti- acapella to
"Because the Night"
Everyone was in tune...

As much an inspiration as the day she started out, this ageless, honest performer is truly progressive.
Her combination of strength, vulnerability and perfect grace is characterised by her lyrics-
" I was so disposed..... to a path yet undisclosed".
An inspiration to so many, I'm with KT Tunstall who looked at her face staring out of the Iconic "Horse" album cover shot by Robert Mapplethorpe- "Suddenly I see " and she knew what she needed to do with her life.

Gail Downey

An exhibition of Patti Smiths photographs is currently showing at Dimbola Lodge

look out for our up-coming hommage to Patti Smith's inspirational style by Weardowney in Supersuper magasine!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Welcome to the Creative Cauldron's first ever blogspot. 
We'll be announcing new events and happenings, introducing special guest bloggers and above all encompassing a fresh approach to fashion and arts thinking, and renewing tradition.
Watch this space for  radical 'arts and crafts in fashion'!